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Avon MP-PAPR Base Kit

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  • Specifications
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    Avon Protection introduces a new generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respirator, the Avon MP-PAPR™ system.

    A departure from traditional rigid plastic construction systems, the Avon MP-PAPR is the world’s first flexible PAPR unit, constructed from the same field proven Chlorobutyl rubber, as used for the Avon 50 series masks range.

    The Avon MP-PAPR module delivers a compact and easily integrated PAPR unit providing cooling, lower user burden and reduced pulmonary stress.

    The unique shape and construction allow the wearer to mount the PAPR in multiple ways, maximizing integration while delivering higher protection levels and improved well-being.

    A complete set of certifications allows the user to add Avon MP-PAPR to existing fielded systems such as the 50 Series APR’s, convert into a combination PAPR (Avon CS-PAPR) or revert back to an Avon EZAir configuration.

    • Increased operational time :
      • Multiple long duration battery packs
      • Constant flow rate reduces inhalation resistance
      • Hot swap battery for rapid exchange
    • Optimized Integration
      • Ergonomically back mounted carrier system with integrated hydration option
      • Direct MOLLE mount to ballistic vests or other equipment
      • S-Shape hose with crush proof technology delivers superior integration
    • Intelligent Control Systems
      • Automatic flow control preserves battery life
      • Low flow and battery alarm alert
      • Automatic dual speed function
    • Novel Material Technologies
      • Unique one size lightweight and flexible hose
      • Dual wall construction hose which is crush proof
    • Modular Construction
      • Remote power switch for simple operation at the mask
      • Combination hose for use with supplied air cylinders
    • Approvals
      • Type-examination approval: PPE Regulation 2016/425/EU - Module B: Certificate CE 684849
        • MP-PAPR certified in back mount position with PAPR Back Harness only
      • NIOSH CBRN PAPR Statement of Standard and Title 42CFR 84
        • TC-14G-0347 with C50
        • TC-14G-0348 with FM54
        • TC-14G-0349 with FM53
    • MP-PAPR certified in back mount position with PAPR Back Harness only
    Unit Size 420mm L (16.5") x 115mm H (4.5") x 140mm W (5.5")
    Unit Weight (No battery or filter) 0.92 Kg (2.02 lbs)
    Unit Weight (No Filter (6xCR123) 1.2 Kg (2.60 lbs)
    Flow Rate 120 lpm controlled flow
    Operational Noise @ 120 lpm 55 dBa
    Run time CR123, Li-Ion battery 4+ hours (filter clogged)
    Li-Ion Recharable battery 8+ hours (filter clogged)
    Operational Temperature -20°C to 52°C (-4°F to 123°F)
    Protection Factor PAPR mode 10,000 (PAPR On), 2,000 (PAPR Off)
    Alarms Low Battery (can be silenced), restricted flow, high resistance
    Construction CBRN Hardened Butyl and Noryl
    Operation Smart integrated power button. Remote power button on hose (optional)
    Interface with APR Crush Proof hose with close fit 40mm (STANAG) APR connection, one size fits all
    EMI Shielded MIL-HDBK-235
    Intrinsically Safe No