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Deployer, Backpack, BDS40 FireAid Backpack Deployer 6L (1.5Gal) w/Retractable Hose, Sprayer, & Nozzle

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    The Backpack Deployment System is great for large breaching projects and team protection against harsh fiery conditions such as Meth labs, riot control, etc. Blaze Defense Systems has liquid fire suppression agents for temps as low as -50F that are ideal for cold environments. Agents are available in premixed and raw concentrate forms.

    Crowd Control liquid (OC / CS Gel) can be used in this unit as well for great crowd control with our bore tip nozzle. Patent Pending technology using 6 liters of agent (Can be used with less agent of course) at 100-150 psi. The unit is rechargeable in the field with compressed air using the schrader valve found on the head assembly.

    • Discharge Time: 1 min 20 sec up to 2 minutes Varies depends on nozzle being used
    • Discharge Distance: is 15 ft up to 25 ft max Varies depending on nozzle being used.
      • Houses 42" hose and trigger sprayer
      • Quick release chrome plated brass quick connects on hose and valve
      • Flexible dip tube inside for use while laying on side. Agent will syphon with flex tube very easily
      • Ambidextrous Design Ports
      • 1.5 gal (6 Liter) stainless steel DOT approved cylinder
      • Made in USA
      • Berry Compliant