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BOA® Constricting (IV) Band - XL Size

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  • "Designed To Accommodate A Larger Body Type And Fit A Greater Range Of Arm Sizes As It Stretches Approximately 50% Longer Than The Original"

    The NEW BOA® XL utilizes the same technology for quick and easy IV access on patients that might be uncomfortable wearing the original (standard-Size) BOA®. The BOA® XL was designed to accommodate a larger body type and fit a greater range of arm sizes as it stretches approximately 50% longer than the original BOA®. Constricting band, a now-critical component of the successful IV cannulation. The BOA® XL Constricting band uses a rolling action to shift venous blood to distal veins while still allowing arterial flow. This technique distends the veins to make IV access quicker and more effective even in the most challenging environments with the most challenging patients.

    The BOA®'s XL patented design features a "Quick Click" connector and two-finger Quick Release for added efficiency. The BOA® XL decreases "time on task" and increases the success rate for gaining IV access on combat casualties, civilian trauma patients, or medical patients with poor access ( for example, diabetic care).

    NSN: 6515-01-537-2611

    • Quick, effective IV access under challenging circumstances (including diabetic wound care)
    • Revolutionary rolling action for transfusing venous blood to the distal veins while still allowing arterial flow
    • Advanced design with "Quick Click" connector and two-finger Quick release
    • No tying required
    • Rugged, vacuum-sealed packaging designed for sanitation and quick access
    • Available in (Standard-Size)
    • Single Use ONLY
    • Made in the USA
    • Latex Free
    • CE Mark certified
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Standard Device Length: (L 10 in. to 27 in.)
      • Packaged: (L 4 in x 3 in. x D 0.9 in.)
      • Weight: (42.5 g / 1.5 oz.)