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DMM™ Talon Ground Anchor

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  • "The ideal solution when the only anchor option is the earth itself"

    The Talon has been designed as a ground anchor for back roping stretchers on steep ground where the consequences of failure is not catastrophic.

    Each of the Talon's "legs" are laser cut from sheet aluminum giving an excellent strength to weight ratio. The shape of the legs makes placement easy and the front, bent edge gives extra "bite" when loaded. The serrated upper edge creates a standing platform which can be weighted for increased security. A Dynatec sling attachment point provides strength, weigh reduction and flexibility. The Talon also features a retaining pin for neat storage. Perfect for rigging in situations where the only anchor option is earth itself, the Talon dramatically increases anchor choices for the rescue professional.

    NOTE: The security of the Talon anchor is completely dependent on the integrity of the substrate in which it is placed and the correct placement and orientation of the product.There is no rating available for this product. During field trials mountain rescue teams achieved strength ratings greater thank 5kN from a single talon
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Can be rigged for belaying on steep ground
    • Equipped with 11mm dynatec sling
    • Retaining pin for efficient storage and racking
    • Serrated top edge that offers additional security and added grip on gloves and boots
    • Color: Matte Grey
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Dimensions: (37.5cm x 18cm / 14.7" x 7.08")
      • Weight: (710g / 25.04oz.)