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Extended Care Burn Dressing, Silver Exsalt T7 (4x5”, 6x6”, 8x16”)

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  • The ECBD (Extended Care Burn Dressing) is a silver wound dressing that uses a unique kind of silver technology: silver oxysalts. Silver oxysalts offer higher oxidation states of silver (Ag2+, Ag3+) capable of interacting with microbial DNA, proteins and lipids, as well as provide potent oxidizing action through the increased power of Ag2+,3+ for advanced biocidal activity. Consequently, the ECBD has the ability to powerfully interact with microbes without needing a high content of silver to be effective. The ECBD’s silver oxysalts technology, combined with a low silver content, makes the dressing less toxic to the wound environment and more gentle to use. The ECBD has also demonstrated only a nominal shift in pH, providing comfort for your patients—without sacrificing biocidal activity. In addition, the combination of unique silver technology and low silver content means the silver dressings can be produced efficiently and at a low production cost, resulting in a cost-efficient dressing. This means potential cost savings for the management of wounds!
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