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CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax

SnowHawk Goggle System Deluxe Shooter's Kit

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Color: Black
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  • Revision’s SNOWHAWK GOGGLE SYSTEM was developed specifically for use in extreme environments. Its striking design and secure fit makes this eyewear solution both adaptable to a range of mission profiles as well as uniquely suited for the most unforgiving environments on Earth. SnowHawk goggles deliver unmatched ballistic protection and anti-fog performance in remote, sub-zero conditions. With frames designed to seal securely and comfortably against the wearer’s face, and military-grade dual-pane thermal gasket lenses, SnowHawk eyewear insulates the eyes, providing elite environmental protection – for missions where the elements pose an equally formidable threat.

    INTRODUCING the world's first-ever fully integrated ballistic goggle and balaclava system offering 100% face coverage, supreme anti-fog performance and ballistic protection. Collaborating with ANON, an industry leading snow sports brand, Revision developed a goggle that provides unmatched ballistic protection and performance in extreme weather conditions. The SnowHawk system includes a magnetically integrated balaclava which seamlessly connects to the goggle. Operators can rely on the system's fog prevention for peak performance in cold climates without compromising protection.

    • ANON'S MFI TECHNOLOGY: Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) technology integrates the goggle and balaclava, forming a full-seal with no exposure to the elements
    • BREATHABLE BALACLAVA: The magnetically integrated balaclava has mesh over the mouth and nose to direct breath away, and is made from moisture-wicking material, pulling perspiration to the exterior
    • DUAL PANE LENS SYSTEM: The thermal gasket lens has an insulated barrier between panes to keep the cold exterior from infiltrating
    • OCUMAX ANTI-FOG COATING: Tested under EN 166 standards, Revision’s OcuMax Plus is proven to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by a factor of 10-20 times, is chemical-resistant and prevents scratches, streaks and smears
    • HIGH-IMPACT PROTECTION: Built to exceed stringent U.S. and international ballistic impact requirements for use in military and tactical operations
    • FLAWLESS OPTICS: Interchangeable, optical grade polycarbonate lenses shield eyes from unexpected fragments, provide 100% protection from harmful UV-A, B and C rays, and ensure distortion-free vision for peak performance
    • Dimensions
      • Width: 201 mm
      • Lens Height: 79 mm
    • Testing & Requirements
      • MIL-PRF-32432A clause Ballistic fragmentation characteristics Class 2 and 3 goggles
      • ANSI Z87.1-2015 clause 6 Impact-Rated Protector Requirements (Z87+)
      • TANAG 2920 (Edition 2) V50 = 856 ft/s (261 m/s)
      • EN 166 clause 7.3.4 Protection against high speed particles at extremes of temperature (FT)