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Ready-Heat™ 1 Panel

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  • The Ready-Heat™ Disposable Heated Blankets use a proprietary panel technology and are used for slow continuous and consistent warming. They heat up gradually over a period of 15-20 minutes and after reaching peak temperature will remain warm for 10 hours.

    >Ready-Heat™ 1 Panel mini blankets are versatile and light weight. Weighing less than 10 oz. and with 8 inches of attached hook & loop they can easily adjust to fit all arms and legs, wrap an IV, be placed in most 1st aid kits or be strategically placed to heat many parts of the body. Like the 4 and 6 Panel Blankets, 1 Panel Blankets are gradually warming devices reaching 104 deg F in 15-20 minutes and stay consistently warm for 8 hours. This blanket has been adopted by several International militaries for warming arms before administering an IV in the field.

    • Suitable for Injuries to extremities, as a warmer for IV fluids
    • 5 year self life
    • Fully adjustable with 2 hook and loop closures
    • Perfect for First Aid and Survival Kits
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Warming Temperature: 104°F / 40°C in 15-20 Minutes, (Once seal is broken)
      • Maintains Heat: For Approximately 10 hours
      • Dimensions: (16" x 18" / 41 cm x 46 cm)
      • Weight: (7 oz. / 198 g)