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CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax
CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax



At CTOMS, we take pride in delivering high quality product in a timely manner locally and around the world. To expedite a quote request for specific items, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Full name of your organization, including any sub-departments (if applicable)
  • Your contact name, email, phone number, and time of day you can be reached

Some medical devices that CTOMS distributes are bound by non-export clauses and are not eligible for export from Canada. However, we are able to export most of our products, including all CTOMS brand items. In many regions we have local distributors and dealers that may hold stock or do volume orders from us from time to time.

Yes, we offer agency discounts as well as a Professional Pricing Program for all active duty service members, first responders, and certified mountain guides. Please contact our team for details.

Probably. We are the Canadian distributor a number of industry leading suppliers. If there is a specific product you are looking for and are unable to find it on our website, we should be able to get it, and it may even be in stock. There are some products that our vendors sell, that are ineligible for legal importation to Canada. This is almost always due to a lack of Canadian licensing of that product. This is particularly applicable to medical kits.

Our product catalog spans a wide quantity of items, often exceeding the storage facilities we have available. As well, some products sell faster than others, so it doesn't make sense to hold large volumes of slow moving product. To that end, certain products are Special Order only, meaning that stock is not carried in the warehouse and must be ordered directly from the vendor before it can be supplied. Kindly note: special order items may qualify as final sale in certain instances

Backordered products refer to those items that are typically stocked, but we currently out of stock and still awaiting production by the vendor, or shipping into our warehouse. Our average lead times on backorded products range from 2 – 4 weeks, though some can take up to 12 weeks.

Due to the high demand of Crye Precision, kindly be advised we are unable to commit to definitive ETA’s for Crye products. We work hard to ensure every order is processed, shipped & delivered with accuracy and expediency. As an authorized distributor of Crye Precision, we are reliant on their supply & shipping policies to have your products delivered as quickly as possible.

Yes absolutely. All customers no matter where they are from can purchase items directly from our website. However, some medical devices that CTOMS distributes are bound by non-export clauses and are not eligible for export from Canada. We are able to export most of our products, including all CTOMS brand items. In many regions we have local distributors and dealers that may hold stock or do volume orders from us from time to time.

CTOMS accepts CDN and US Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash and Cheque.

Yes, you will receive a receipt in the form of a Cash Sale itemizing details of your orders, what you were charged, what was shipped, and your tracking information.

Our return, exchange, and warrant policy can be read here.

Once a sales order is generated, our payment-processing software will pre-authorize your credit card for the full amount of the purchase to ensure the information provided is correct. This will show up as a line item on your credit card statement, but it is not a charge.

Once your order has shipped, the credit card is then charged the full amount as a completed sale.

For 2-3 business days, you might see both the pre-authorization and charged amount on your credit card statement – the pre-authorized amount should disappear from your statement within a few days.

Unfortunately, there are counterfeit and replica Combat Application Tourniquets (C-A-T), and SOF-Tactical Tourniquets, and possibly other brands of medical and tactical products available in the market. These products are not covered by CTOMS nor the authentic product manufacturer’s warranties. Because there are so many variations of the counterfeits, it is difficult to provide specific detection guidance. To avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit products, we recommend that you purchase directly through Please contact us to report suspected counterfeits in Canada.


Yes, we do ship internationally and we welcome all international customers.

Yes, we ship to all PO ad APO boxes!

Shipping costs are provided directly from the courier service available in your area (Canada Post, Fedex, UPS), and include material & handling costs from our warehouse. The cost is generated by the couriers algorithm taking into account the weight and cubic volume of the products in your order.

Once your order ships out, you will be sent a receipt in the form of a Cash Sale. This Cash Sale will itemize what amount you were charged, the details of your order, as well as the tracking information. For some orders, especially international orders, the tracking can be found at the very bottom of the Cash Sale document.

Online Accounts

Yes. To start an account click "Login" at the top right hand corner of the page. Click on the "register" link. Fill in your first and last name, your email account and a password. Once you click register, it will send you an email to activate your account. Click the "activate your account" link in your email.

Creating account will allow you to see your order history and will auto populate your information when you make an online purchase. This will provide you with a faster checkout.

If you forget your password, click the link "forgot my password". It will ask you to put in your email account and an email will be sent to you to reset your password.

Becoming a Reseller/Dealer/Distributor

We welcome prospective domestic Dealers and international Distributors.

Please review this page for more details: How to become a re-seller/dealer/distributor?

As a I Reseller, you require permission to republish materials. All Resellers must fill in the Request Permission to Republish form that was included in your Dealer Agreement. If you require a copy of this form, please contact our customer service

VIP & Pro Deal Pricing

Yes we do! The CTOMS Pro Deal Program is intended for full-time, employed professionally in the first responder, military, or guiding, or other government agencies employed in hazardous situations. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) professional guides, outdoor educators, Military, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Volunteer SAR, Mountain Guides, National Park Service employees, outdoor industry professionals, etc. Approval for the program remains at CTOMS’ discretion based on the applicant’s professional standing, job type, loyalty, and core values.

For those that are employed, or volunteer as listed above must submit an application for executive approval to be part of the CTOMS Pro Deal Program. All applicants must send a completed application to If the applicants position requires specific certifications, they will be prompted to attach a copy of those certifications with their application. If an applicant applies using a personal email address, they should also attach proof of employment. If needed, CTOMS shall request a paystub, business card, or other documentation to prove that the individual qualifies for the Pro Deal Program. CTOMS Management may at any time revoke the eligibility of anyone with a Pro Deal from the Program.

No. The CTOMS Pro Deal Program is designed for you and your personal use only. Purchases made for others or as gifts through your account are not allowed and will result in your removal from the program. If you have any questions about gift purchasing, please contact our customer service.

Company Information

CTOMS started as a training company, and first and foremost, CTOMS remains a training company. We believe that it is essential to first become effectively trained to rely on yourself and not your equipment. We believe it is essential to first become educated in order to make effective equipment choices that will enhance your knowledge and skill, not compensate for a lack thereof. And we believe that when you do choose your equipment, it needs to be best of breed and meet rigorous quality standards.

Being a training company first sets our priorities straight; our approach to 'marketing' is education. The decision to bring a product to market is based on requirement, research, data, critical evaluation, and common sense. We don't recommend a product because we carry it. We carry it because it is something we would pack in our own personal kit, and rely on with our own lives.

When CTOMS is looking for talent we post all of our open positions on our "Careers" page.

Additionally, we are always seeking talented Instructors. So if you think you have what it takes and your values, morals, ethics and attitude reflects our corporate Ethos please apply at with an update resume and cover letter.

For all of our Terms & Conditions , please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

CTOMS will consider these donations on a case by case basis, based on the relevancy of the event to our customers and corporate ethos.

However, we do review all requests at the beginning of the fiscal year. If you are looking for prize or donation, please send your requests to in January of each year.

We are happy to assist anyone with their questions or concerns. For all sales related questions, please contact either email or you can call us at 1 (780) 469-6106

For any questions that you we have missed in our FAQs please contact us at or call us at 1 (780) 469-6106