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StingerHawk Eyewear GF-8 Laser Protective Basic Kit

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  • As laser technology advances, forces the world over find themselves in the line of laser fire. Over the last decade, reported laser strikes have risen exponentially. Laser threats are not only more prevalent, they are also more diverse. In an instant, laser strikes can cause vision disruption, distraction, disorientation, and even eye damage. In the field, any impediment to vision can be perilous, but lasers pose a particularly stealthy threat, occurring in numerous forms, wavelengths, and strengths. Forces exposed to laser incursions – whether in law enforcement, the military, or aviation – need to adapt quickly.

    LazrBloc lenses encompass a suite of unique laser protective lenses, specially developed for precise laser eye defense against a variety of light energy wavelengths, including harmful and invisible near-infrared energy. LazrBloc laser protective lenses are integrated, interchangeable, situation–adaptable eye protection products. In a field where technological advancement is accelerating, Revision’s LazrBloc ballistic lenses provide a robust and cutting-edge solution.

    Note: No laser lens can protect against all types of laser hazards. Please contact us for any questions to ensure you select the correct laser protective lens for the hazards you are facing.  

      • Ultra-Lightweight Frame
      • LazrBloc GF-8 Laser Protective Lens with Black Adjustable Nosepiece (Protects against Green and Near Infrared (NIR) lasers – 532nm OD2.5, 808nm OD2)
      • Head Strap
      • Microfiber Pouch
      • Case with Belt Clip
    • OCUMAX ANTI-FOG COATING: Tested under EN 166 standards, Revision’s OcuMax Plus is proven to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by a factor of 10-20 times, is chemical-resistant and prevents scratches, streaks and smears
    • LAZRBLOC TECHNOLOGY: Revision's cutting-edge single and dual-band laser protective lenses absorb laser energy across the visible spectrum and beyond, including near-infrared energy
    • ADJUSTABLE NOSEPIECE: Modify the nosepiece—by extending or retracting—to match your preferred fit and positioning
    • HIGH-IMPACT PROTECTION: Built to exceed stringent U.S. and international ballistic impact requirements for use in military and tactical operations
    • FLAWLESS OPTICS: Interchangeable, optical grade polycarbonate lenses shield eyes from unexpected fragments, provide 100% protection from harmful UV-A, B and C rays, and ensure distortion-free vision for peak performance
    • RUGGED DURABILITY: Built to exceed stringent U.S. and international ballistic impact requirements for use in military and tactical operations
      • Dimensions
        • Size Regular: Width: 134 mm; Lens Height: 51 mm; Temple Arm Length: 118 mm
        • Size Large: Width: 137 mm; Lens Height: 55 mm; Temple Arm Length: 118 mm
    • Testing & Requirements
      • MIL-PRF-32432A clause Ballistic fragmentation characteristics Class 1 spectacles
      • ANSI Z87.1-2015 clause 6 Impact-Rated Protector Requirements (Z87+)
      • STANAG 2920 (Edition 2) V50 = 807 ft/s (246 m/s)
      • EN 166 clause 7.3.4 Protection against high speed particles at extremes of temperature (FT)