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Human Performance in Combat Casualty Care

by Docebo
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Human Performance in Combat Casualty Care or HPCCC is a foundational, organic CTOMS program with unique and exclusive content. This video series is highly recommended for all CTOMS students of any level. This course was originally created in 2007 to prepare military medic students on pre-deployment training for Afghanistan on how to cope with what can often be the debilitating effects of combat and combat casualties. This program has evolved to offer all levels of tactical and non-tactical care providers with human performance enhancing tools.

HPCCC is comprised of two video series. Part 1 is a series of 5 videos that focuses on situational awareness and the decision-making process. Part 2 is a series of seven videos that focuses on stress and performance. This course provides valuable knowledge and tools to create the right mindset and sets the stage for optimizing learning and field performance in the management of complex trauma casualties, in chaotic environments.

Total time of all videos: 1:37:23

Access to the course is for 3 years from the course start date.


Highly Recommended (critical to understanding content):

  • MET-C0002 Legal Aspects of Tactical Medicine

Recommended (may clarify content):

  • MET-C0005 Critical Thinking