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PVS-31C-MOD-GA3-AG Gen 3 FOM 1800+ Autogated Night Vision Binoculars

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  • PVS-31C-MOD is a versatile and easy-to-operate night vision dual-tube binocular-goggle unit with superior depth perception. It is mostly used for conducting all kinds tactical operations in both rural and urban environments. PVS-31C-MOD combines ergonomic design with improved functionality and accommodates features such as a dedicated Instant-On-IR button: this enables to quickly and momentarily engage IR illuminator without having to operate the switch to communicate between crew members using Morse code. The connector located at the front of PVS-31C-MOD is used to supply power to the unit from almost any power source: external battery pack, USB power bank, 12V car socket and so on. The device is also be powered by AA or CR123 battery that can be installed regardless of polarity—it is just one less thing to worry about in the dark environment.

    **Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in obtaining Permit.

    Main Applications:

    • Defence
    • Security
    • Surveillance
    • Border Patrol
    • Navigation
    • Reconnaissance
    • Universal Night Operations Tool
    • Unique Safety Features
    • Extended Range Observation
    • High Situational Awareness
    • Accepts External Power Sources
    • Preferred Choice of NATO Forces
    Optical Magnification 1X
    Objective Lenses 27mm, f/1.2
    Field of View 40°
    Diopter Adjustment Range -6 .. +4
    Interpupillary Adjustment Range 50mm .. 90mm
    Built-In IR Illuminator Yes
    Momentary IR-On Button Yes
    IR-On Indicator Yes
    Manual Gain Control Optional
    Automatic Shut-Off System Yes
    Any Polarity Battery Insertion Yes
    Stow Safety Feature Optional
    Selective Channel Engagement Yes
    Power Source 1pc AA or 1pc CR123
    Battery Life up to 40 Hours
    External Power Supply Voltage 4VDC .. 16VDC
    Environmental Protection IP66 or Better (Optional)
    Operating Temperature -40°C .. +50°C
    Warranty 7 Years, Limited
    Export Available for Export Worldwide **



    Available Configurations (Image Intensifier Tubes)
    Model Name Generation FOM
    PVS-31C-MOD-GA2 3 1600 .. 1799
    PVS-31C-MOD-GA2-AG 3, Autogated 1600 .. 1799
    PVS-31C-MOD-GA3 3 1800+
    PVS-31C-MOD-GA3-AG 3, Autogated 1800+
    PVS-31C-MOD-XR5 XR5, Autogated 1600 .. 1799
    PVS-31C-MOD-XR5-ONYX XR5, Autogated, White Phosphor 1600 .. 1799
    PVS-31C-MOD-4G 4G, Autogated 1800+