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Supreme-grade Thermal Clip-on Scope

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  • The TCS series are the professional-grade thermal clip-on sight for aiming and engagement designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of firearms and daytime scopes. The TCS series are plug and play units, deployed in mere seconds with no zeroing needed. They are also great tools for reconnaissance and tactical surveillance.

    The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the TSC series. GSCI proprietary hardware and software solutions are built around the sensor and offer exceptional image quality along with unique tools for added tactical advantage and user safety.

    The TCS series are fully dust and waterproof, meet and exceed modern standards. They are robust, reliable for long-term, intensive use in any environment, in any lighting or weather condition.

    **Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in obtaining Permit.

    Main Applications:

    • Perimeter Security
    • Law Enforcement
    • Wildlife Observation
    • Surveillance
    • Border Patrol
    • Reconnaissance

    Standard Equipment:

    • Thermal Imaging Clip-On Sight
    • Front Lens Protective Cover
    • Rifle Mount: Heavy-Duty MAK-PICATINNY or Dual Lever Adjustable Rifle Mount DLM
    • Built-In Digital Video Recorder GS-DVR-INT (Comes with 32GB microSD card  and SD adapter)
    • Integrated 9-Axis Absolute Orientation HUD (Heads-Up Display), 3-Axis Sensors for Compass Reading, Inclinometer/Pitch Reading, and Level/Roll Reading
    • USB Power Cable
    • Video-Out Cable
    • Soft Carrying Pouch
    • User Manual 
    • Quick Reference Card
    • 7-Year Warranty with Activation Form
    • Waterproof Hard Carrying Case 
    • Cleaning Kit (3-in-1 Multi-Pen +Cleaning Cloth)