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At our core exists a unique corporate Ethos. That Ethos provides the guiding principles for staff conduct, which align with on our individual and collective professionalism. While experience remains a critical prerequisite for our staff, experience without a natural set of values, morals, ethics and attitude that reflect our corporate Ethos is not enough. It is something that must come naturally.

We are looking for talented and passionate professionals. If our Mission and Vision resonate with you, explore the open positions below and email us your application via


Current Opening:

CTOMS is looking to recruit new instructors for 2022! We are interested in recruiting contract tactical medical staff for a busy 2022 training calendar. We are looking for instructors with backgrounds in tactical medicine with operational experience at any level (Medic, SAR Tech, PA, Physicians or similar). If you fit the criteria and are interested in joining our high-performance training team, please include a cover letter and resume and email it to Preference will be given to those with tactical experience. Candidates should be prepared to travel Canada-wide.

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