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CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax
CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax

Tactical Medicine Programs

Our founding reason and primary focus remains customized professional Tactical Medicine training. CTOMS has specialize in this since our creation in 2005. Training capabilities include the following:

  • CTOMS Academy pre-course training to maximize hands on time during the in-person training.
  • Traditional classroom presentation of all topics as a supplement to, or in place of CTOMS Academy pre-course training.
  • Basic and advanced partial task trainers, harvested pluck anatomy task trainers, and human volunteer skill practice
  • High fidelity mannequins and low fidelity heavy mannequins.
  • Moulage, wearable wounds, and role-player casualties.
  • Pathophysiological trauma training models.
  • Student carbines for live fire or non-lethal marking round use during tactical scenarios.
  • Pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnical battle simulation.
  • Training armor plates (no need to travel with heavy armor).
  • NVG scenarios.
  • Mobile training model. Can travel almost anywhere in Canada.
  • Variety of available training areas, including indoor, outdoor urban, and outdoor mountainous for varying types of environments.

If your agency is interested in training with us, please contact us. The following information will be helpful in streamlining the proposal process:

  • Your agency.
  • Intended application and environment (e.g.: military, law enforcement, urban, austere, and remote, etc.).
  • Scope of practice of students, Medical Director details, protocols in place (e.g.: basic level non-medical professional responders, advanced care medics, physicians, etc.).
  • Specific brands of equipment (as applicable) used by your agency (e.g.: Combat Gauze, Celox, C-A-T, SOF-TT, etc.).
  • Estimated training dates and duration.
  • The number of students.
  • Specific topics desired to be covered (e.g.: blood transfusions, etc.).
  • Specific activities desired to be conducted (e.g.: skill stations, tactical scenarios, NVG, etc.)

While we typically run closed contract training for agencies, from time to time, we do run semi-open and open courses for individuals. To be added to our waiting list as an individual for CTOMS training, please contact us

While courses are typically custom built, the following are starting points for training that can be fine tuned to meet agency or individual needs:

  • TTC Basic Care
  • TTC Enhanced Basic Care
  • TTC Intermediate Care
  • TTC Advanced Care
  • TTC Critical Care
  • TTC Prolonged Field Care
  • TTC MCI & CCP Management