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Custom Kits

CTOMS™ has the capability to provide Customize Kits to meet your agency requirements

Custom Equipment Packages

By grouping together a number of individual products into a kit we can give it one product code to make reordering more convenient for your agency. For example, a “Tactical Officer’s Package” could include a Crye Precision™ AirFrame™ Helmet, Crye Precision™ AVS™, C-Sling™, Fully Stocked SlimmerLine™, etc. Once the kit has been defined, when a new recruit class is run, it simplifies the logistics of equipment procurement for everyone involved.

Customized ‘Kits of Convenience’ or 'Procedure Kits' (Health Canada Licensed)

Don't forget to check out our TVAK™ and S.A.S™, etc. These are examples of customized Procedure Kits that we produce. If you want a TVAK™ with a specific gauge angiocatheter, or even if you want a completely different procedure kit, such as a Blood Transfusion Kit, Chest Tube Kit, Urinary Catheterization Kit, we can custom package and Health Canada License them to meet your specific needs. Minimum quantity order commitments will apply.

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