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Medical Triage Marker (MTM)

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  • The Medical Triage Marker (MTM) is a casualty assessment tool with a run time of 200 hours. The light is controlled by a simple on/off switch.

    Operating instructions of the Medical Triage Marker (MTM):

    • Press the control button once to turn the light on, hold the button for 1 second to turn the light off.
    • Press the button once more to turn the LED on.
    • After 5 minutes the LED will flash every one second for 55 minutes, then the MTM will turn itself off.
    • Pushing the button twice caused the LED to flash for one hour. Pushing the button three times will slow-flash for three hours.
    • Press and hold the button for two seconds during any mode of operation to shut the MTM off.
    • All of the times will reset upon reactivation.
    • The marker measures 3 5/8 inches wide by 2 inches tall and are 1/4 inch thick including the Velcro backing.
    • There is a male ("hard side" or "hook") Velcro on the back of the body of the light, with a matching female ("soft side" or "loop") Velcro piece that has 3M adhesive on its back, so the light can be affixed to almost anything or anyone.
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Size: (H 2 in. x W 3 5/8 in. x D 1/4 in.)
      • Weight: (0.1 g)