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Mochtech Composite Trainer Individual

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    Multi Insertion Training System (MITS™)

    MITS™ is the only compact, self-contained training device for practicing multiple needle insertion techniques (e.g., Dry Stick and Wet Stick intravenous; and Needle Decompression) on a single product anywhere/any time.

    The Composite model of the M.I.T.S. can be configured into multiple specific skills training platforms:

    • IV Access (rolling, static vein and wet stick validation)︎
    • IV Drip Rate
    • Luer /Saline Lock
    • Saline Flush / Med Push
    • Transparent / Occlusive dressing (Derma clips, Tegaderm type )
    • Suturing Skills
    • Needle Decompression
    • Emergency Crico
    • Constricting Band / TQ

    Compatible With: