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  • The PARIS™ or Pack to Armor Rapid Integration System is an accessory for the 2ndLine™ Main Pack. It allows you to mount your 2ndLine™ pack directly to the MOLLE on your armor carrier in a more comfortable and stable manner that allows the wearer to have a greater range of motion in the shoulders and arms.

    Traditional shoulder straps can significantly reduce circulation to the arms by pulling the shoulders back. They also restrict shoulder range of motion which negatively affects your shooting position. Sternum straps attached for stability can often interfere with equipment mounted on the chest or can ride up to the neck. Waist belts required for pack stability also interfere with equipment mounted on the armor carrier. Doffing a pack with a sternum strap and or waist belt adds extra steps. The PARIS™ solves all of these problems.

    The PARIS™ retro fits to your Gen II 2ndLine™ Pack and includes four MOLLE attachment points for your armor carrier. Once installed, the shoulder straps can be configured between convention mode and PARIS™ mode in under a minute. When donned, it is easily tightened to the body by pulling two straps at the bottom of the pack. It can be quickly doffed by grasping and pulling the beaded pulls on the lower attachments, then the beaded pulls on the shoulder attachments. There's no fumbling with difficult side release buckles.

    The PARIS™ is only guaranteed to be compatible with the CTOMS™ 2ndLine™ Pack.

    • Retro fits to Gen II 2ndLine™ Pack shoulder straps
    • Shoulder straps convert between conventional configuration to PARIS™ configuration in seconds
    • Rapid doffing of the pack with beaded pulls on metal quick release buckles
    • 4 MOLLE compatible armor carrier attachments
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Weight: (0.225 kg)