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Blueline Pouch

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    Having a readily available and properly packed IFAK could make all the difference in responding effectively to a casualty or yourself during a time of duress. However, due to the amount of required operational items that many Law Enforcement members and first responders are required to carry daily, it has become quite difficult to find any available locations to securely store an IFAK, that is not impeded by other response tools.

    With this issue in mind – CTOMS has created the Blueline Pouch.

    The Blueline Pouch – was specifically designed to alleviate this concern and to find a way to combine x 3 required pouches, (IFAK pouch, Torniquet pouch, Naloxone Pouch) – into one. The design concept of the Blue Line Pouch came from the direct feed back of front-line officers who required an IFAK pouch that would house all required response items while maintaining a reliable, low profile and cost-effective approach to this issue.

    The CTOMS Blue Line pouch does just that!

    For federal employees – the CTOMS BlueLine Pouch and patches (" MED " and " Naloxone ") are available via the current Standing Offer Agreement, (SOA). Please contact a CTOMS staff member directly for further information and pricing.

  • The CTOMS BlueLine Pouch can be worn via a plate carrier (Molle) or 2” duty belt.

    Built in snap closure tabs – allow the end user to easily Don / Doff the Blueline Pouch from any desired location without having to deal with external MOLLE connection systems.

    The main IFAK compartment of the Blue Line pouch was designed to securely accommodate most issued medical contents, required by members – while maintaining a low profile with easy accessibility.

    The built in Naloxone pouch can accommodate up to x 2 Nasal Naloxone containers or double as a PPE pouch.

    Optional Patches “MED & NALOXONE” can be purchased separately to identify and designate the required response items.

    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 5.5”
      • Length: 3.25”
      • Height: 5.5”