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Prodigy™ PMP - (Prusik Minding Pulley)

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Color: Black
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  • This is one of those subtle and often overlooked diamonds in the rough. Pulley’s aren’t really sexy, but this one is not to be ignored. There is impressive strength and efficiency in this tiny packageand it truly lives up to its name. The weight of the Prodigy™ Pulley is usually only found in bushing’s, however the Prodigy™ contains a bearing and comes with the efficiency to match. That means less work on your part; both carrying it and hauling loads with it.

    • 95% Efficient: (Using 6 mm TRACE™ Systems rope and 100 kg load)
    • No efficiency reduction after loading of 8.7 kN
    • ≤9 mm rope (If you're using it with other than TRACE™ Systems)
    • Triple carabiner eye accepts up to 3 carabiners (DMM™ Phantom Screw Gate) for use on a high-line, etc
    • Lightweight: 46 grams
    • Strength: (24 kN Rating) / (18 kN Tangential Rating)
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Weight: (46 g)