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CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax

PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular

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  • Specifications
  • The legendary PBS14 is a great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions. The highly versatile PBS14 system can be used as a hand-held or hands-free single eye goggle, or as a night vision weapon system when coupled to a daytime close-quarters battle sight. Lightweight, rugged and waterproof, the PBS14 is a powerful performer for use in confined as well as open spaces.

    **Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in obtaining Permit.

    Main Applications:

    • Defence
    • Security
    • Surveillance
    • Border Patrol
    • Navifation
    • Reconnaissance

    Standard Equipment:

    • Night Vision Monocular
    • Rubber Eyecups (1 installed on the device) + 1 Spare with Retaining Ring
    • Demist Shield
    • Sacrificial Window
    • Stow Safety Feature(Integraate)
    • AA Battery Extension Adapter (Installed on the device)
    • Rubber Daytime Filter with Training Hole (Installed on the device)
    • Neck Cord
    • Soft Carrying Pouch
    • User Manual 
    • Waterproof Hard Case (Optional for Gen 2+ Models)
    • 7-Year Warranty with Activation Form
    • Cleaning Kit (3-in-1 Multi-Pen +Soft Cleaning Cloth)

    PVS-14C Advanced Tactical Night Vision Monocular

  • Configurations/Tube Options

    Available Configurations (Image Intensifier Tubes)
    Model Name Generation FOM
    MA1-AG: Gen 2+ Gen 2+, Autogated,
    Green Phosphor
    up to 1599
    MA1-AG-WP: Gen 2+ Gen 2+, Autogated,
    White Phosphor
    up to 1599
    EC: ECHO  ECHO, Autogated,
    Green Phosphor
    1600 .. 1999
    ECW: ECHO ECHO, Autogated,
    White Phosphor
    1600 .. 1999
    Green Phosphor
    White Phosphor
    GA2-AG: Gen 3 Gen 3, Autogated,
    Green Phosphor
    1600 .. 1799
    GA3-AG: Gen 3  Gen 3, Autogated,
    Green Phosphor 
    • Universal Night Operations Tool
    • Multi-Use System Design
    • Unique Safety Features
    • Extended Range Observation
    • High Situational Awareness
    • Preferred Choice of NATO Forces
    • External Power Port
    Optical Magnification 1X
    Objective Lenses 27mm
    Focusing Range 0.25m .. Infinity
    Extended Eyerelief 30 .. 50mm
    Diopter Adjustment Range -6 .. +4
    Built-In IR Illuminator Yes: 850nm
    IR-On Indicator Yes: concealed into FOV
    3-Position Switch
    Manual Gain Control Yes: Optional
    Bright Light Protection
    Automatic Light Overload
    Shut-Off Sensor
    Low Battery Indicator Yes: concealed into FOV
    Stow Safety Feature
    Flip-Up-off Feature
    Power Source
    1pc AA or 1pc CR123
    External Power Port Optional: 4VDC .. 15VDC
    Any Polarity Battery Protection Built-In
    Battery Life 40 Hours
    Dimensions 110 x 65 x 55mm
    Mass <330 grams
    Operating Temperature -40°C .. + 55°C
    Made In Canada ITAR-Free