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QinFLow Warrior Set

SKU 1660-Q1110S0000
by QinFlow
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$3,365.00 - $4,700.00
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    • Intro Set Includes (Extra Power Battery):
      • Base Unit
      • 1 x Enhanced Batteries
      • Charging Equipment
      • Carrying Bag
      • Optional: Mount Accessory 
    • Intro Set Includes (2 x Extra Power Battery):
      • EXTREME Base Unit
      • 2 x Enhanced Batteries
      • Charging Equipment
      • Mount Accessory 
      • Carrying Bag
    • Optional Addons:
    • Consumables:

    With its unmatched performance, the Warrior is an ideal blood/IV fluid warning solution for mid to long haul pre-hospital transports, inter-facility transports, and emergency departments that advocate simplicity and portability. Its performance makes a huge difference in environments in which aggressive bolus flows are applied in an intermittent fashion by push-pull resuscitation methods.

    • The Warrior
      • Warms near-freezing blood/IV fluids at up to 200ml/min, vs. only 100-150ml/min of alternative solution
      • From KVO and up to 200ml/min delivery rate at 4°C fluid input temperature and 290 ml/min for room temperature fluids, per single (fully charged) battery.
      • Warms up to 3.5 liters at 4°C fluid input temperature and 5 liters at 20°C fluid input temperature per single (fully charged) battery.
      • Real time sensing and highly efficient warming technology guarantee fast reaction to flow changes.
    •  Performance
      • Max delivery rate, 4°C input: Up to 200 ml/min
      • Max delivery rate, 20°C input: Up to 290 ml/min
      • Battery Capacity, 4°C input: Up to 3.5 liters 
      • Battery Capacity, 20°C input: Up to 5 liters
    • Portable: Can fit small transport platforms.
    • Simple To Operate: Fail safe assembly. Functions on gravity feed. Flow can be regulated with pressure bag or pump (300 mmHg)
    • Mountable: Can be mounted to pole, rail or stretcher
    • Power Source Flexibility: AC operable mode can be added (note: the AC version is not for transports)
    • Common Heating Element: Medical grade stainless steel coil.
    • Mature Technology: Field Proven, patent protected technology with thousands of field utilizations.
    • Weight & Dimensions:
      • Device: 23.2 x 15.6 x 7.8 cm | 9.13” x 6.14” x 3.07”
      • 1,720 g / 3.79 lb (Base Unit and battery)
      • Battery Type: Rechargeable, Li ion, 21.6v, 4.6Ah, 99.36Wh
      • Battery Charging Input Voltage: Battery Charging Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC | 50-60HZ | Max 2.0 A | 12/24V
      • Battery Life: Up to 400 full cycles or 3 years
    Specification Sheet