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CANADA WIDE! - $10 Off Shipping on Orders $200 and Over! - $20 Off Shipping on Orders $400 and Over! - $30 Off Shipping on Orders $600 and Over! – *order value before tax


SKU 30018-BK-MM
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Color: Black
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  • This RIGID TQ Case can hold either the SOF®TT / SOF®TT-Wide tourniquets.

    The Eleven 10® RIGID TQ Case is a hard-sided tourniquet case designed to give you easy access to your tourniquet when seconds matter. It can be worn on your duty belt, MOLLE.PALS compatible vest, or in the accessory position on your Safariland drop leg holster. The RIGID TQ Case holds your tourniquet securely in place utilizing friction, so there's no straps, buckles or flaps to deal with. It offers true one-handed gross motor skills deployment of the tourniquet even when your hands are bloody or wet. Just grab the exposed portion of the tourniquet and with a swift pull, it releases.

    Massive bleeding in an extremity can often be stopped using a tourniquet, but seconds can be the difference between life and death. Having your tourniquet in a RIGID TQ case will ensure that you can access and deploy your tourniquet in seconds, and it will always be on your person.

    The injection molded RIGID TQ Case offers numerous mounting options and ride adjustment. It's compatible with Blade-Tech, Safailand, Tactical Tailor and Raven Concealment Systems Mounting solutions. Many of the mounting solutions can be mounted in the vertical or horizontal positions.

    Belt Mount Options:


    NOTE: It is highly recommended that you LocTite (or similar product) the hardware in place once the desired configuration is obtained.

    • Keeps your tourniquet close at hand for rapid deployment
    • Holds SOF®TT or SOF®TT-Wide Tourniquets utilizing friction with no modifications to the case
    • Injection Molded Nylon Case to stand up to rugged LE / MIL usage
    • 2-piece design allows water drainage from the bottom of the case
    • Textured Front Panel
    • Medical Identifying PVC Cross Patch included
    • Multiple mounting positions to adjust the right height (can be mounted vertically, horizontally or inverted)
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
    • Weights & Dimensions:
      • Weights Belt Mount:
        • Without Tourniquet: (102 g / 3.6 oz.)
        • With SOF®TT-W: (212 g / 7.5 oz.)
        • Packaged: (132 g / 4.6 oz.)
      • Weights Molle Mount:
        • Without Tourniquet: (67 g / 2.3 oz.)
        • With SOF®TT-W: (177 g / 6.2 oz.)
        • Packaged: (100 g / 3.5 oz.)