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    This Bundle is the same as the standard bundle of the same name, with the addition of the Critical Thinking, Understanding Trauma, and Human Performance in Combat Casualty Care courses added. These high value courses will optimize the students understanding and performance of treating trauma casualties when experiencing significant stress.

    Access to the courses is for 3 years from the course start date.

    Courses Include:

  • Course Content Includes:
    1. Legal Aspects of Tactical Medicine
    2. Critical Thinking - Defining Critical Thinking | Professionalism | Stages of Skill Acquisition | Evolution of Idea Acceptance | Evidence Based Medicine
    3. Human Performance in Combat Casualty Care - Situational Awareness | OODA AIPA Feedback Loop | Decision Making Process | Loss and Recovery of Situational Awareness | Phobias
    4. Understanding Trauma - Topic Intro | Acid Base Homeostasis | Cellular Metabolism | Cardiorespiratory Insults | Death of a Cell | Thermogenesis | Lethal Trauma Triad/Diamond
    5. Tactical Trauma Care the Advanced Care Providers Casualty Approach - Field Trauma Care (non-tactical) the Basic Care Providers Casualty Approach - Topic Intro | Weapons, Threats and Tactical/Technical Rescue, and Facts (WTF) | Massive Hemorrhage ADVANCED (M) | Airway ADVANCED (A) | Respiration ADVANCED (R) |  Situational Awareness, Triage, Ongoing Documentation, Pull/Pass Pertinent Information (STOP) | Cspine, Casualty Packing, Circulation ADVANCED (C) | Head Injury and Hypothermia Management ADVANCED (H) | Eye and Ear Trauma, and Everything Else ADVANCED (E) | Handouts and Guidelines
    6. Care Under Fire - Defining Care Under Fire, Direct Threat Care, and Hot Zone Care | CUF Principles and Guidelines | 3 Cs of CUF - Combat, Communicate, and Casualty Care | Establishing a Bubble | Mass Casualty Considerations
    7. Emergency Bleeding Control - Basic Circulation Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology | Principles of Massive Hemorrhage Management | Direct and Indirect Pressure | Wound Packing | Bandaging | Tourniquet Principals | Tourniquet Placement and Tightening | Tourniquet Duration and Limb Temperature | Tourniquet Documentation | Training with Tourniquets | Types of Tourniquets | Tourniquet Release and Removal
    8. Tactical Field Care/Field Trauma Care Level 1 Basic Care - Basic Airway Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment | Manual and Positional Airway | Basic Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology | Artificial Respiration | Blunt Chest Trauma | Chest Seal Application | Anatomical Decompression | Basic Shock Pathology Part 1 | Basic Shock Pathology Part 2