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DMM™ Alloy Offsets - Independent

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  • Where do you turn when the cracks are flared? No good for standard wires? Too open for a cam? The legendary Hugh Banner came up with the answer: Offsets. An ideal complement to a standard rack, the five sizes of HB Alloy Offsets can provide solid, confidence inspiring placements where simply nothing else will work to get you out of that jam. Five custom subdued/anodised color coded sizes allow for multiple placement options for each size. Get a (Full Set) or purchase them independently as a back up for your Wallnuts and prepare to be converted. Recommended use for crack, trad and aid climbing.

    • Offset alloy nuts on wire
    • Wire recessed into top of nut and full wire radius for extra strength
    • Full size crimp used in wire for strength
    • Material - Heat treated aluminum alloy to maximize strength and bite
    • Head - Aluminum Alloy
    • Stem - Double stainless Steal
    • Lightening holes in the larger sizes reduce weight
    • 5 color coded sizes for easy recognition
    • Tumbled to remove sharp edges that might hinder placements
    • CE Certified
    • Three Sigma Tested - Yes
    • Sterile Product
    • Custom Anodised Colors specifically designed to lower visual profile
    • Wires are matched to nut size, so they can be placed at full reach without flopping
  • Size Strength Weight Color Range
    7 12Kn 27g Black 12.0 / 15.1mm
    8 12Kn 30g Olive 13.5 / 17.9mm
    9 12Kn 37g Sand 17.1 / 21.4mm
    10 12Kn 45g Grey 19.4 / 25.1mm
    11 12Kn 56g Black 23.2 / 30.0mm