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EyeCap™ Eye Irrigation Water Bottle Adapters

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  • EyeCap™ Irrigation Adapter is a friction fit eye irrigation shield component that allows fast and easy eye irrigation.

    Use EyeCap™ Irrigation Adapter for immediate eye irrigation at triage, by EMS or for occupational splash injuries. The EyeCap™ Irrigation Adapter can serve as a bridge to other irrigation methods that take longer to set up and are difficult for most patients to tolerate. Easily fastened you EyeCap to a standard water bottle with the help of the EyeCap™ Irrigation Adapter.

    How it Works:

    The wide contoured rim of the EyeCap™ seals easily over the orbit. The nozzle creates a gentle, low pressure spray that deflects off the sidewalls and trickles down to create a "pool" of irrigation fluid. Now patients can easily open eyelids as if they were swimming underwater. An overflow port drains run-off and allows continuous flow of high volumes of fluid. Add the EyeCap™ Irrigation Adapter to the EyeCap™ and you now have the ability to directly attach the EyeCap™ to a standard threaded bottle of water for a fast, versatile, and effective on the go irrigation system.

    • Don't wait to irrigate
    • Fits any standard saline bottle
    • Simple to use
    • Avoids triggering blinking reflex
    • Instantly begin dilution treatment
    • Eye remains open for better surface exposure
    • High volume continuous dilution
    • Comfortable for patient
    • Less staff required
    • EyeCap™ and SplashCap™ (Sold Separately)
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      • Weight: (0.035 kg)