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Special Operations Capable (Soc) Kit - Red Kit

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  • Description
  • Rescuing casualties from a roof, upper floors, ships, or confined spaces has now become significantly simplified. The RED Kit increases your mission capability without a significant increase in weight burden. Where the ORANGE Kit is intended for hasty vertical movement, the RED Kit is intended for deliberate vertical movement.

    This is the flagship kit of TRACE Systems providing the ability to perform advanced application use in high angle and confined space rescues, rappels, ascending, lowers, hauls, climbing, bridging, and more. This tiny kit is unmatched in capability and safety in its weight class.

    This kit is ideal for the Assault Climbers, Pararescue, SOF Medics, and other specialists responsible for deliberate vertical movement of personnel and casualties. The intent of this kit is that if two Operators, each with one RED Kit are working together, they can construct every installation and capability, except for a reeve on a highline, which would need to be supplemented.